Live Sales

Join us right here for the fun - we'll show you our newest arrivals, get real about sizing and fit, what works and what doesn't. We shop and share together.

July 2024 Live Schedule

Sun July 28

All Sales begin at 8pm ET | 7pm CT | 5pm PT


How It Works

Live sales happen right here on the website. Simply come to (on desktop or mobile) at the appointed time, and you'll see our shoppable live stream player.

You can watch, read the comment feed, chat with your fellow Rider or Diers and shop.

1.) Choose our size/color options then click the blue "Add to Cart" button.

2.) To confirm your purchase, check out.

3.) You are charged only ONE flat rate $8.99 shipping for the night, not matter how many times you check out or how many items you purchase.

We will combine orders and credit back shipping fees as soon as the sale is over.

All Carts Expire at Midnight CT

You may find that items you put in your cart are no longer available when you check out.

We get it. It's frustrating and it's something we are working with our partners to resolve.

But two ways to deal with this. It's not perfect, but we're trying:

1.) Check Out. If you put an item in your cart AND immediately check out with that item and complete the transaction, it's yours. So plan on that strategy for items you HAVE TO HAVE RIGHT NOW!

2.) We combine orders & Shipping. You will only pay one $8.99 flat fee for the night (Free Shipping for orders over $200). If you check out multiple times, your orders will be automatically combined and additional shipping refunded.

3.) Add the items you missed to your WISH LIST. Just click the pink heart "Add to Wishlist" button. We can see your list!

Note: We will indicate during the sale whether we will be able to restock an item. Sometimes we have small runs, exclusive discounts, or items that we can't get back.

Did you miss out on something that sold out during a live sale? Just go the the product page on the website, and click "Add to My Wishlist" (It's the pink button with a heart) We will notify you immediately when it's back in stock, or able to be ordered for you.

Often we can reorder items that sold out during a sale, so the more you wish list, the more your dreams will come true.

You will only pay $8.99 flat rate shipping for any and all orders you place during a live sale and/or on our website in a 12 hour period. (FREE SHIPPING for single or combined orders over $200).

Just go ahead and checkout as many times as necessary. Our magical elves will combine everything to one single order*, and refund back any extra shipping charges created as a result.

*All orders must be going to the same customer and shipping address to be combined

Yes! Make sure you are signed in to your account at time of checkout and you will earn your points for your purchase. You can apply Ride Rewards as well.

Note: we cannot retroactively apply points, you must be signed in before you check out.

Yes! Just scroll down on this page and you will see "Live Replays" section. Our most recent shows will be there and you can shop the video.

Live Sale Etiquette

Please take a moment to read our guidelines and then get ready for fun!