Live Sale Guidelines

We encourage you to join us for our weekly live sales and pop ups right here on our site, on Facebook and Instagram.  We are all one community, each other’s “ride or die”,  and we aim to keep things light-hearted, fun and fair for all.

Some expectations to help us all:

1.) We are always polite and gracious with one another. We will not tolerate any negativity, hate speech, bullying or rudeness in the Ride or Die community.
 This is a safe place to come together, support one another and have fun.
2.) Please feel free to chat with each other and ask questions about the items we feature on the sale.  There is always someone who will help you.  Please do not ask specific questions about previous orders or “Did you get my email/text/voicemail” during the live sale.  The comments move at the speed of light and we need to keep things moving.  We are happy to respond to your questions and will get you sorted during our regular business hours.  Just reach out to us at

3.) Our integrated order system manages shopping carts for all of our customers simultaneously. In the event of multiple customers adding an item at once, it's the person who checks out and completes the transaction first that is guaranteed the item.  While you may think you commented “Sold” before others based on what you can see in your comment feed, please remember our sales often run simultaneously on Tik Tok, Facebook, Instagram, as well as on our website.  The system is objective and fair.

4.) Please checkout at the end of the night’s sale - unpaid shopping carts will expire two hours after we sign off. Please be respectful of your fellow Ride or Die friends and our team - don’t hoard items you don’t intend to purchase in your cart.  Repeat offenders who continue to rack up items in carts only to abandon them will have purchasing privileges revoked.

Thank you for participating. Our community is a unique, fun and positive place. We are so thankful you are a part of it.