Hairy Pony Brush Collection
Hairy Pony Brush Collection
Hairy Pony Brush Collection

Hairy Pony Brush Collection

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Collect our entire range of Hairy Pony horse brushes & hoof picks with the Hairy Pony Brush Collection!

This thirteen (13) individual brushes/grooming package is worth  $268.50 in value (if purchased separately).

You save $42.50 purchasing this collection!

This purpose-built horse brush range features brushes designed to remove dried mud, fine dirt & dust, as well as cleaning delicate areas such as the ears & eyes. Our hoof picks, built to last, complement your home & competition tack boxes. The ever-popular Hairy Pony Quarter Mark Brush completes this uniquely quintessential kit.

All wood brushes and picks are made with durable and beautiful polished beechwood, with leather handles and brass fittings.


  • 1x HAIRY PONY METAL BRUSH:  Crafted with high-quality metal teeth, it easily removes dirt, mud & loose hair from your horse's coat, leaving behind a lustrous shine. It's also great for cleaning the rest of the brushes in your set.

  • 1 x HAIRY PONY WOOL BRUSH: Inspired by and updated version of the infamous Haas Diva brush - this new beechwood + lambswool version is the perfect accompaniment for ring-side, last minute touch ups to remove fine dust sitting on top of your horse's coat. Super-soft & designed pick up fine dust particles, the fine wool inner pad ensures a sleek, shiny & dust-free finish when swept over your horse's coat.

  • 1x HAIR PONY MUD BRUSH: Specially designed to remove dried mud & dirt from your horse's coat. Featuring short, stiff sisal bristles, it makes light work of stubborn, dried mud & prepares your horse's coat for a deep cleansing brush. It is also a small, nimble size ergonomically designed to fit in the palm of your hand to easily reach those elbows, face, under fetlocks and other hard to get places.

  • 1x HAIRY PONY RUBBER BRUSH: makes removing shedding hair quick & easy on long and short coats! Loose hairs are gently & efficiently removed with durable yet flexible rubber bristles that grab onto the coat whilst massaging the horse.

  • 1 x HAIR PONY BODY BRUSH: is handmade using high-quality beechwood, with natural fibre bristles. The padded handle adds softness & bespoke gold details give a luxurious finish. The bristles are flexible but packed tightly to ensure a thorough coat clean with every use.

  • 1x HAIRY PONY COPPER BRISTLE BODY BRUSH:  is a deeper cleaning, stiff bristle horse brush designed to remove dust & dirt from deep at the skin level. This horse brush is handmade with flexible copper bristles & elegant beechwood to complete your set, the Hairy Pony Copper Bristle Body Brush features our signature soft, padded handle & luxurious gold details.

  • 1x HAIRY PONY DANDY BRUSH: is hand-crafted using high-quality beechwood, with stiff synthetic bristles - perfect for brushing legs & removing dried mud. The padded leather handle adds softness & bespoke gold details give a luxurious finish.

  • 1 x HAIRY PONY FLICK BRUSH: is the perfect brush for removing excess dust from your horse's coat. This large horse dust brush is best used before your Hairy Pony Body Brush, the Hairy Pony Flick Brush flicks off excess dust from your horse's coat using fine, flexible sisal natural fibres. Our largest brush yet, the Hairy Pony Flick Brush makes preparing your horse's coat for grooming quick & easy. The Flick Brush is also great for flicking sand off the horses body, legs and even work boots after exercising.

  • 1x HAIRY PONY FACE BRUSH: is handmade with high-quality beechwood & pure wool bristles. Incredibly soft & decadent, this brush is perfect for brushing sensitive areas such as the face. The padded leather handle adds softness & our signature gold details give a luxurious finish to match your collection.

  • 1x HAIRY PONY MANE & TAIL BRUSH is the ultimate brush for mane & tail care. Smooth metal bristles minimise hair breakage when brushing out stubborn knots. The ergonomic handmade beechwood handle ensures a secure pad & bristles, in addition to being comfortable, easy to grip & a beautiful addition to your grooming kit.

  • 1x HAIRY PONY QUARTER MARK BRUSH: is tightly packed bristles that alternate rows of natural and gold copper bristle, for firm & impeccably clean brush strokes. Our HAIRY PONY QTR MARK BRUSH has been thoughtfully & professionally designed to be the correct size & rectangular shape to aid in sharks teeth and other quarter mark designs.





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