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    A Norwegian brand, Kingsland has a reputation for stunning yet practical attire, blending classic equestrian fashion and contemporary design - truly drawing on Norway’s minimalism and nature-inspired attitude.

    Over twenty years ago, Kingsland Equestrian was born from the heart of a true equestrian. Noticing that most riding wear brands didn’t consider the rigors of equestrian sport and those that did - overlooked design, Lin Kingsrod took it upon herself to create one of the first high-quality, functional, and beautifully designed brand for the avid equestrian.

    Today, Kingsland is a world leader in equestrian sport and lifestyle apparel, and to this day, creates attire with quality, functionality, and design at top of mind.  And as a company dedicated to outdoor pursuits, Kingsland prides itself on being mindful of environmental impact, with sustainability a priority now and forever.

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